Living change

We as your change facilitators – have been self-employed for more than 40 years. An immense wealth of experience from many sectors, specialist areas, roles and functions. We were and are successful agile new workers - and have been since a time when these terms meant something to very few. Permanent change and reorientation are among the constants of our lives.

Role Models

As a modern couple that consistently share our tasks and responsibilities 50:50 - and unite our professional identity and role as entrepreneurs and leaders with the family - we are true role models for the New Leadership Generation. With this mindset that we espouse, we support and accompany your change processes, both personal and business, fast and iterative. We have many professional and private stages of life behind us. This allows us to bring empathy, experience and foresight into our work with you whilst at the same time, draw from both the traditional and the new world of work. We recognise the interdependencies and areas of tension between people, economy, technology and nature.

Our values

For us, equality and equal treatment of all people with all their idiosyncrasies is just as much a matter of course as equal pay and diversity. Our values are reflected in what we do, with whom we do it and how we do it: freedom, courage, openness, honesty, responsibility, achievement, learning, zest for life and a humanistic attitude.

Our passion

We are passionate surfers. We recharge our batteries with this sport and get inspiration for our professional and private advancement. Successfully riding a wave is the result of intensive preparation, strength, endurance, courage and respect for the force of nature. Every wave is unique. Just like in the world of work, we move in an element that is constantly changing and requires constant adaptation to the conditions if we do not want to sink, but ride the wave with success and joy.

The history of changemanufaktur


Foundation of changemanufaktur by Petra Carlsen


Cooperation with actmedic GmbH


Cooperation with Hamburg@work: Women's Club, Agile HR Club


Thomas Carlsen comes on board as partner.


Renaming to changemanufaktur GmbH


Extension of the portfolio: Diagnostics with the LINC Personality Profiler (LPP)


Relaunch changemanufaktur – Empowering A New Leadership Generation

The team

Why you should work with us

We do what we really, really want to do. We work with passion, honesty and ambition. We love technical progress and live our values. This enthusiasm drives us to design the best solutions for our customers. Our team, which is us, Petra Carlsen and Thomas Carlsen, as well as other specialists in change and project management, process and strategy development, coaching and training – especially for leadership. We select exactly the people who will lead your change project to success – whether as a source of knowledge and experience in the background or as experts working directly with you.

Thomas Carlsen

Coach, Change Companion, Consultant, Project manager, Facilitator, Mentor, Speaker

Leadership Coach Thomas Carlsen Portrait

"Never stop learning!"

Thomas Carlsen

Coach, Change Companion, Consultant, Project manager, Facilitator, Mentor, Speaker

Business Coach Thomas Carlsen LINC

Professional focus

  • Language & Communication
  • New Work, Agile Organisation
  • Leadership
  • Intercultural communication
  • Self and resource management
  • Foundation Coaching
  • Personality and career development


  • LINC LPP Senior Coach/Trainer
  • Business Coach
  • SAFe Scrum Master
  • Mindfulness Coach
  • Studies of Sinology (M.A.) and Modern German Literature

Work experience

  • Partner changemanufaktur GmbH
  • Managing Director Carlsen Fachübersetzungen
  • Managing Director LocalTeam Translations
  • Sales & Marketing Aldus Software GmbH

  • 25+ years self-employed:
  • international project management
  • Mentoring
  • Language Management
  • Intercultural communication
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology


German, English, French, Chinese


  • Multigenerational House Project

Hobbies & Interests

Philosophy, literature, China, singing, running, surfing, skiing, standard dancing

Petra Carlsen

Coach, Change Companion, Consultant, Facilitator, Mediator,
Mentor, Speaker 

Leadership Coach Petra Carlsen Portrait

"All or nothing!"

Petra Carlsen

Coach, Change Companion, Consultant, Facilitator, Mediator, Mentor, Speaker 

New Work Coach Petra Carlsen Portrait

Professional focus

  • Change management
  • New Work, Agile Organisation
  • Personnel and organisational development 
  • Leadership
  • Personality and career development
  • Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Self and resource management


  • Change Manager Digital Transformation

    (Certificate programme,
    University of Hamburg)

  • LINC LPP Senior Coach/Trainer
  • Business Coach (certified dvct)
  • Business Trainer (certified dvct)
  • Mediator (certified, University)
  • Design Thinking Coach (Oose Informatik)
  • SAFe Scrum Master
  • E-Moderator (certified TLA)
  • NLP Practitioner (Society of NLP)
  • Health Coach
  • Tech. Ass. Informatik (BIB International College)

Work experience

  • Managing Director changemanufaktur GmbH
  • Consultant actmedic GmbH

  • 20+ years in management positions, including
    Adobe Systems GmbH, DIS AG
  • International Sales & Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources


German, English


  • Hamburg@Work: Member of the Advisory Board
  • Initiator of the Women's Club and the Agile HR Club
  • Mentor for female junior executives

Hobbies & Interests

Psychology, literature, running, surfing, skiing, standard dancing, hiking, garden, music: flute

"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

– Steve Jobs

That's what we do every day for us and for you.

Our partners

We work in and with a strong network

It is our deep conviction that a reliable network and close exchange with other experts and specialists is a win-win situation for all involved. We embody cooperation by sharing our knowledge, making efforts for and together with others and cultivating collaboration with scientifically oriented institutes.

25 Jahre Hamburg@work Logo

We are one of the oldest cluster networks in Germany.


The core competence of our cluster, which has been established since 1997, is the trusting exchange in the network and the cooperation of the different players - from small and large companies, start-ups, universities and disseminators such as chambers and associations – with a high level of expertise in an ecosystem determined by digitalisation.

The exchange of experiences at eye level is a core element of our corporate philosophy. Against this backdrop, as a cluster initiative we bring together cross-sector expertise on the topic of digitalisation and can thus provide you with specific support on questions of digitalisation and the associated cultural change.

We provide contacts and information that help you move forward, that create synergies, that give rise to partnerships and business initiatives.

We increase the visibility of companies, use mutual potentials and accelerate transformation processes.

In view of the growing challenges of economic activity, many tasks can only be solved if different partners are brought together, networked more intensively and more synergies created than before. This is precisely where Hamburg@work comes in as a cluster initiative and designs a platform for companies – as a basis for solution-oriented exchange and transfer – for inspiration and enthusiasm.

Our impulses arise from intensive cooperation within a sector, but also within the value creation models, diagonally through the participating sectors. Membership of Hamburg@work opens the door to a large cross-industry and cross-cluster network. We bring the right people together!

LINC Personality Profiler Logo

As a spin-off from Leuphana University Lüneburg, LINC stands for one of the fastest growing personality tests in the German-speaking world: the LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER. The LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER  is a personality test that captures personality holistically: character, motives and competencies. It is based on the standard psychological model for personality: the BIG FIVE. 

The LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER represents a new approach in the field of personality analysis and development. An online personality test based on the most well-founded model in personality psychology – the BIG FIVE.

LINC's BIG FIVE personality test creates a highly differentiated profile of character traits, motives and competencies in the form of a detailed result report and thus offers the user respectful feedback for personal development.

The individual results enable a completely new view of one's own personality and thus become – ideally in combination with training or coaching – the starting point for real, sustainable further development.

Just as the world is constantly evolving, we are constantly expanding our network. Get in touch with us!

Our customers

How we work


Coaching, Innovating, Change

We work with the combined experience of a team of business leaders. We have experienced many of your issues ourselves in our own professional lives as managers and entrepreneurs. The experience we have gained helps us to quickly familiarise ourselves with - and empathise with - your change topic.

As coaches, we often know immediately which areas require attention and can support you empathically. The focus is on the person involved in systems and configurations and their potential for development. Our work is independent, impartial and open-ended. We are constantly educating ourselves to ensure that we are always methodologically and professionally up to date.

Our approach: methodical, empathic and first and foremost in-depth!

changemanufaktur DEEP WORK Kreis

Our toolbox - tried and tested, diverse, modern

Many methods and tools, which we choose according to the latest scientific findings, are available for selection in our innovating and coaching formats. We take the necessary time to analyse your concerns and then select the appropriate tools, instruments and methods. There are no standards with us, only tailor-made concepts and solutions for you.

changemanufaktur Tool-Viefalt

Diagnostics: LINC Personality Profiler

The Personality Profiler (LPP) of the Lüneburg Institute for Corporate Learning (LINC) plays a major role in our variety of methods as a diagnostic element. This online tool for personality analysis is based on the globally recognised and used Big Five Model (OCEAN Model), a psychological standard for describing personality.

The LPP enables a holistic and at the same time differentiated presentation of character, motives and competencies which has excellent psychological foundations whilst also being practical.

Example fields of application

Personality development

Leadership development

Team development

Personnel selection

Comparison of self-image and external image


Country Check:
intercultural behaviour

and much more

Certified LPP Senior Coaches 

We are certified as LPP Senior Coaches and authorised to use the online tool and to carry out further measures such as coaching or workshops based on it.

changemanufaktur LINC
LINC Certified Coach, Senior Trainer Logo
changemanufaktur LPP

Our experience has shown that coaching, team development, conflict resolution and many other measures lead to the goal considerably faster and more efficiently if an LPP analysis has been carried out as an introduction/in preparation. All further decisions on the choice of our tools are derived from this.

This depth creates efficiency!


We perceive people in their different roles and functions as well as with their individual personalities. Because it is ALWAYS the PEOPLE who shape the future of a company and shape the corporate culture.

Would you like to learn more about our methodology and the possible applications of the LPP?
We will be happy to advise you.

Wir können den WInd nicht ändern aber die Segel anders setzen

Thomas & Petra Carlsen

+49 40 555 836 49