Redefining leadership – shaping the future

We combine proven concepts with the dynamic mindset of young, up-and-coming start-ups, in the way that best suits you.

We carefully select the methods that will get things moving for you and make your goals achievable.

We are empathic, honest and pragmatic.

We enable you to change your perspective.

We give you new inspiration to completely rethink your business.

Digital Transformation. New Work. Increasing complexity. Pressure to innovate.

Managers and employees have been facing major, permanent changes not just since the Corona pandemic. Organisations and individuals have to act flexibly, in an agile manner, quickly and with creativity.

Change needs to be shaped!

This requires entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for innovation and a corporate culture characterised by trust and appreciation: a mindset from the employee level all the way up to the top management of a company that enables it to successfully manage the challenges of the VUCA world. 

We are change professionals and coaches.

We are at your side when it comes to shaping change. We help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), managers and teams to plan, manage and implement their change issues. We coach, advise, moderate and train always with the aim of empowering and strengthening for the development of a people-centred corporate and leadership culture. 

We – Petra and Thomas Carlsen – are coaches for the New Leadership Generation.

Coaches für die New Leadership Generation

This is our offer for you:

We are more than just a coaching agency:

We are coaches, facilitators, advisors, mediators, trainers, listeners, analysts, sparring partners, providers of inspiration and critics. We develop sustainable solutions and accompany you throughout their introduction and implementation.

Our approach: methodical, empathetic and, first and foremost, in-depth!

We have a vision:

We live in a world where technological change, networked living, sustainable value creation and a humane working world go hand in hand. People and nature in all their diversity are at the very centre. Leaders of and for tomorrow know that they can only tread that path effectively by constantly developing their attitude, their behaviour and their know-how.

We call this DEEP WORK.

Change-Kompetenz, Leadership-Kompetenz

Our diversity and experience is your added value!

We support you in developing the leadership and change competences you need to shape the transformation towards new ways of working and living. In our coaching, innovating and consulting formats, we support you with our values, our courage and our wealth of experience. We are your sparring partner, advisor and critic. We help you to change your perspective and discover resources. We encourage you to tread new paths and to rethink the future.

Get in touch.

We look forward to getting to know you!

Thomas & Petra Carlsen

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